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We Are NOT your ordinary Investigation Team, We go BEYOND  the mundane to expolre the root of the problem

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GLP Application for Membership

Full Name:___________________

 Date and place of Birth example.19/14/2030____________________

Street Address________________________No P.oBoxes

Prior two Residential Address

Ph. Number( )______________________

Prior Paranormal Expierence? If any or Relative Explain.

Upload A Recent Picture of your self If Not a member Of GLP Community

1.  How did you find out about GLP/Green leaf Paranormal

2.  What type of spiritual path(s) are you journeying on right now?

3.  What is your feeling about Wiccan/Pagan?

4.  What types of practices do you incorporate in your own spells and rituals? If any

5.  What Element/Element do you feel the strongest connection with?  Why?

6.  How long have you been Into the Paranormal? and are you in the closet or out?

7.  Have you ever belonged to a any Paranormal clubs or covens

8.  Are you presently a member of any Paranormal organizations?

9.  Do you usually carry through with obligations?  (That is, when you volunteer to do something, do you usually get it done?)

10.  Do you have a patron god/goddess?

11.  Have you ever played with the spirit board?

12.Whats the differents between a spirit and a ghost?

13. Do the Paranormal excite or scare you?

14. When did you start your venture into the paranormal world?

15. Often GLP Crew have to split up, Because of the demand's of people in need.
If needed to go on assignment alone, How would you feel about that?

16.Do You or have you ever practice Black magic?

17. Have You ever Practice witchCraft?

18.Have you ever attended or cut circle?

19.How good are you with taking orders?

20.What's your thoughts on the Ancient religion?

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Are you walking your destined path? Do you have questions about that big career move you have been wanting to make? Question about family friends or love one's in the mundane or spiritual world.Or just may need a clearer view on life or a particular situation? We can help GLP is Hosting a SPIRITUAL READING FEST. Not limited to but will include Ancient 15th Century Tarot Reading Ancient Toe Reading Newborns to adults...Astrology and Past Events


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